The Right Way to Snack

Anyone who has lived with me knows how seriously I take my grocery shopping. And, no, I’m not the person who spends hours in produce and deli like most foodies. For better or worse, my passion lies with snack foods. I do (of course) enjoy a filling meal when I have the time, and it definitely benefits my body to keep my diet rich in nutrients. With that being said, I do not find any shame in embracing my love for snacking. The key (as always) is balancing my diet between snacks and real meals AND finding snacks that aren’t high in added sugars, sodium, saturated fat, etc.. Here I will present a handful of my favorite snacks, their benefits, and what unhealthy snack food they can replace in your diet.


  1. Annie’s Cheddar Bunniesimg_7573Say good-bye to Goldfish and Cheeze-it’s! I swear by Cheddar bunnies for several reasons, the main being that they are about as natural as a snack food can get. These are made with organic wheat flour and have no artificial flavor or preservatives. But most importantly, they taste just like Goldfish, only a little more dense. As a plus, they are much more filling and you won’t need to eat the entire bag to feel satisfied.

2. Kind Granola

img_7575Every once in a while it’s okay to indulge in candy. In fact, it’s better to give into your cravings every so often than constantly deny yourself. But for the days when you have a really good workout and don’t want to feel any sense of guilt, try Kind granola as a substitute for sweets. Most of the sugar comes from the dried fruit and all the grains are whole grains. Plus, there’s dozens of flavors to try! Put it on top of some yogurt, mix it with almond milk, or just eat it on the go for a healthy and sweet treat.


3. Chobani Greek Yogurt

img_7572I’ve always liked yogurt because of how filling it is, and because its a universal ingredient (smoothies, salads, casserole, etc.). A lot of the yogurts in grocery stores tend to be packed with added sugar and flavoring, which diminishes the nutritional value. For a completely natural yogurt, check out Chobani non-fat greek yogurt. It’s plain and simple, and a great way to give yourself a morning boost.

CAUTION: I will warn you about the flavor- this yogurt is a bit sour. Most people probably would find it super tasty without mixing something it in (fruit, Kind granola, light whipped cream). Get creative and try out different ways to enjoy it!


4. Halo Top Ice Cream

img_7574Halo Top  is probably my favorite snack, mostly because it defies the laws of the universe. This ICE CREAM (yep, you’re reading that right) is around 300 calories per pint, packed with protein, and absolutely delicious. Pictured above is one of my favorite flavors, pistachio, though I also enjoy black cherry, oatmeal cookie and lemon. This stuff does get a little pricy, but it’s completely worth it. Instead of reaching for  Ben and Jerry’s (which is around 1,000 calories per pint), check out Halo Top as a tasty alternative.


5. Kind Granola Bars

img_7576Granola bars are basically the universal snack food, so it only makes sense to include my favorite kind (no pun intended). I like these Kind bars because they don’t overwhelm you with sugar, plus they are crunchy and filling. The whole grains also serve as a wonderful source of carbs.

I eat these for breakfast or a midday snack and it almost always silences my cravings. Maple is my favorite flavor, but there’s tons of variety I encourage you to check out!




One thought on “The Right Way to Snack

  1. We are trying to start grocery shopping so I can cook more at home than eating out. I am also trying to get some good snacks for my husband to eat while he’s at work. I don’t know if there are brands like that where I am but I will look for healthy alternative foods that he will like.

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